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A Man Has Tattooed The Dress On His Leg Because “It's Stupid”

Daniel Howland thinks his new tattoo of The Dress is "awesome" and "dumb". (And it's definitely black and blue.)

A 24-year-old man from Texas named Daniel Howland has tattooed The Dress on his leg.

Howland, a piercer who's already heavily tattooed, told BuzzFeed that he had some extra space on his leg, so he just went for it. "I didn't see a reason not to," he said.

"I pretty much got it because, I mean, I keep up with all the social memes and hysteria and whatever, and this is the only one that I really couldn't wrap my brain around. So I just decided to do it."

Howland sees the dress as blue and black, but briefly glimpsed it as white and gold after a couple of drinks. Nick York, a 19-year-old tattoo artist who works with Howland in their Austin shop, and who did the piece for free, has only been able to see white and gold.

The tattoo, which BuzzFeed can confirm is definitely blue and black, took about 20 minutes for York to complete.

"It's a joke," York explained. "I didn't know it was gonna freak people out." He said he was offended that The Lad Bible had called it "the worst tattoo you'll see today," saying that technically speaking, it was a quality tattoo.

"They should have put the dumbest or the stupidest, but not the worst," York said.

"I have an awesome tattoo on my leg," Howland said. "It's just dumb."

"I think it is a stupid tattoo," York agreed. "That’s why it’s funny. Because it’s stupid."

Reactions have been mixed. Some appreciate the joke, and are genuinely impressed.

As much as I'm sick of that #dress, I do appreciate the tattoo of it and willing to bet it was boredom in a quiet studio among artists.

Others see it as the end of humanity as we know it.

Someone got a tattoo of the dress? (looks at watch) I look at watch not to see how fast it took but to not look at human race out of shame

Someone got a tattoo of the dress. That's it, all faith is gone.

Why would you get a tattoo of the dress... It's only been around for like 2 days

This prophet even foresaw the future, tweeting about the dress tattoo yesterday.

someoens going to get a tattoo of the dress by tomorow probably

"Either people really love it," Howland said, "or they’re like, you’re a complete tool."