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This Little Girl Wept Because Her Favourite Field Was Being Ploughed

This girl cried while watching the destruction of the field where she used to play pirates with Heather. But she learned to love it again.

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Ok, this is a video of a little girl in Ireland crying because the field out her window is being ploughed before her eyes, and it's really cute but also kind of devastating.

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(Skip to 45 seconds in.)

Alannah's mother Jenny heard crying upstairs, and came to investigate. This is how it went down:

"I don't want this to happen Mammy," said Alannah.

"You don't want what to happen?" asked Mammy.

"This," says Alannah, turning her sad eyes upon the ruin of her childhood.

"It's just going to be turned into something not useful," Alannah cries. / Via Jenny Blackmore

Seriously, what could the adults even want with this field? Probably going to use it for something pointless like food.

But the very worst part? "Nobody will like it and nobody will want to play in it anymore. But I still love it."

Oh my god, she still loves her field, even if it's turned to horrible muck. Oh Alannah. You're everything that's right in the world.

Her painful monologue continues:

"That's where me and Heather play pirates. And I don't want it to go. [coughs bitterly] That's where me and Jenna like playing football. I want it to stop. I want it to stop. I don't know who told them to do it, and I don't want it to happen. It's not nice."

Alannah's mother agrees: "It's not nice." And then switches off the camera to mother her perfect, tragic child.

You don't know whether to laugh or cry, right?

Maybe both at the same time? Yes, let's laugh and cry at the same time, that's the only way to cope with this. And then move to Ireland to raise deeply emotional and spiritually profound daughters who like to play pirates.

BUT WAIT! IT'S OK! Because a few days later, the man who so cruelly ploughed that field dropped by to console Alannah with flowers and chocolates. It's an Easter miracle.

Bless you, Alannah, and the field you so love.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Alannah's mum to check that everything's better now.

H/T to the Irish Independent.