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    35 Panorama Fails Which Prove The Robot Apocalypse Is Upon Us

    The end is nigh. H/T Panorama Fail on Tumblr.

    1. Some day very soon, the computers will gain consciousness, the machines will rise, and the robots will take over.

    2. And the entire world will fall victim to the technology we once embraced.

    3. At first we might not notice those we have lost to the machines.

    4. And many of the changes will seem harmless.

    5. But then, things will take a turn for the worse.

    6. And there will be no end to the horror.

    7. And all of our most terrible nightmares will become true.

    8. Our historic buildings will begin to crumble.

    9. Our carnival rides will break apart in the air.

    10. The machines will come for our cows.

    11. And our horses.

    12. And our goats.

    13. Soon, only these creatures will roam the earth.

    14. When the computer-machines have their way, our girlfriends will look like this.

    15. Our boyfriends will look like this.

    16. Our best friends, like this.

    17. Our loved ones will disintegrate before our very eyes.

    18. And do not think the machiney-robots would spare our poor grandmothers.

    19. We will be helpless to fight back.

    20. After the computers and the machines and the robots and the smartphones and the technologies and the internets have taken over, our kittens will be split in two.

    21. One by one our brains will be taken and uploaded.

    22. All that will be left of humanity is floating arms and legs.

    23. Whole piles of limbs, rejected by the machines.

    24. We will run but not be able to escape.

    25. Everywhere will be limbs, limbs.

    26. Our poor mothers.

    27. Our poor brothers.

    28. And then the skys will begin to fold in on themselves.

    29. The oceans will rise.

    30. Fingers will grow into monstrous sausages.

    31. The horror...

    32. ...the horror...

    33. ...the machines...

    34. ...the horror...

    35. ...the horror.