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34 Truly Devastating Images That May Finally Push You Over The Edge

BRB need to scream into a pillow. H/T and a thank you to Reddit's Mildly Infuriating for ruining our lives.

1. This one sprinkle, sent by the aliens to destroy all mankind.

2. When a single box decides to go rogue.

3. The person ruining it for everyone else.

4. This inexplicable elevator.

5. The people who should have just left a blank space.

6. Having to choose between burned fingers, paper in your mouth, and getting up to go find a spoon.

7. Tom Cruise.

8. Whatever the ACTUAL hell happened here.

9. Look, no one will buy your product if you do this.

10. Just, why?

11. This person who doesn't understand how things are meant to happen.

12. The injustice of hitting a mine on the first click.

13. The best way to ruin a party.

14. The worst pencil sharpener.

15. The people who had a terrible "home concept" for selling forks.

16. This gif.

17. This



piece of shit fridge.

18. The worst locker in all the land.

19. This fork prong.

20. This parking job which must have required an unprecedented amount of douchebaggery.

21. "Oh, haha, yeah, we'll do it like this." – Some dickhead.

22. The one, slightly bigger book.

23. This travesty which probably could have been avoided.

24. :((((((((((


26. The fact that this monitor is definitely not a touchscreen.

27. The person who loads dishwashers like this.

28. Just...just imagine how that would feel, and taste, in your mouth. Just imagine.

29. The root cause of 95% of divorces.

30. The terrible judgement of whoever mounted this TV.

31. This TV chef's facial hair.


32. Your favourite hoodie, ruined.

33. And your backpack, too.

34. This game of tetris. (Trigger warning: THIS IS THE WORST GIF OF ALL TIME.)