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21 Times We Needed A Cringe Button On Facebook

Right, people, it's time to delete your Facebook account, set fire to your computer, and throw your phone into a river.

1. When this guy tagged 17 random people in his awkward car selfie.

2. When Nick got a public suggestion from Brianna.

3. When Jonathan couldn't find the search bar.

4. And this person couldn't find google.

5. When this plagiarist only wanted to inspire.

6. When one boy's mother definitely wasn't helping her son in his quest for love.

7. When this woman with a secret completely misunderstood the purpose of Facebook.

8. When Grandma just wanted to help.

9. When a new relationship was going so well...

...until it all fell apart, one day later.

10. When a husband's apologetic status was clearly not enough.

11. When two parents ruined their son's selfie forever.

12. When JJ was a total hardass until his grandma stepped in.

13. When Grandpa tried his hand at flirty selfies.

14. When one guy actually quoted himself on Facebook.

15. This TMI status and TMI response.

16. When a "boyfriend" made this public announcement.

17. Every time this happens.

18. When Facebook isn't the place to comment on a very personal matter.

19. When someone said "sexy granddaughter".

20. And when a dad said, "You better be glad I am not 30 years younger."

21. When this knight in shining armour got shut down.