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    19 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Work For A Nonprofit

    Stuffing envelopes like a total hero.

    1. You've spent a lot of time trying to convince your friends and family to donate to your organisation.

    2. Or to volunteer at your events when you're desperate.

    3. Sometimes when you DO manage to get a volunteer for something, they don't actually turn up.

    4. If you ever slack off at work, or even stay home sick, you feel guilty as hell.

    5. At some point in your career, you will be at a party where someone will start explaining to you that your work is actually harmful.

    6. That, or they'll offer up some "helpful suggestions" about how you could do your job better.

    7. A lot of your time is spent asking rich people for money.

    8. Or chasing up people who said they would make a donation, but never got round to it.

    9. When you lose out on a grant that you had been counting on, it hurts.

    10. But when you DO get a big donation, it feels pretty great.

    11. You also spend a lot of time filling out paperwork for government grants.

    12. Chances are, you've stuffed a lot of envelopes in your day.

    13. Hanging out with friends who work in the corporate world can be a little...rough.

    14. You've volunteered many a late night when there's something big to organise.

    15. At some point you'll inevitably face some kind of consultant coming in to train you.

    16. Sometimes you'll get a donation with really specific requests for how it's spent.

    17. Getting free food at events is always way more exciting than it should be.

    18. You're pretty sure you should feel good about doing difficult, gratifying work...but a lot of the time you just feel like you should be doing more.

    19. But when you do have a big success, you let yourself feel at least a little bit badass.