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    19 Things To Buy For The Slightly Creepy Richard Ayoade Fan In Your Life

    There's a great big world of Richard Ayoade merchandise out there.

    1. This statement necklace.

    Say it loud and clear for just £9.

    2. Or, if you prefer more subtle jewellery, you could go for this necklace instead.

    It's just under £9.

    3. This mug for all fans of The I.T. Crowd.

    4. These very nice cross stitched Maurice Moss earrings.

    For a very reasonable £10.

    5. This...............................item.

    An item which costs just £3.50.

    6. This poster to hang up in the loo.

    Improve your home decor for just £9.48.

    7. And this greeting card for all your friends.

    If you can't find the words, let Maurice say it for you for just £5.

    8. This cushion to cuddle up with.

    You can't put a price on love, however this throw pillow will cost £15.

    9. This handy tote.

    It's £11, but think of all the money you'll save on plastic bags.

    10. This phone case.

    Protect your phone for £19.

    11. This t shirt to commemorate a classic tweet.

    Incredible style for just £13.

    12. This giant scarf

    Protect your neck for £22.

    13. And complete the look with this drawstring bag.

    Fill Richard with your gym clothes for £20.

    14. This excellent sticker.

    For less than £2.

    15. This not at all creepy iPad case.

    Spare your iPad from scratches for a cool £35.

    16. And this phone case if you're not the iPad type.

    For just £21.

    17. This bedding to match all your other Richard fare.

    Keep warm for a cool £60.

    18. A hardcover journal for all your thoughts about Richard.

    19. And finally, if all the above still isn't enough, become the man himself with this mask.

    A priceless object for an incredible £2.90.

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