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16 Instagram Dogs That Should Have Their Own TV Shows

Celebs can get old after a few seasons, but these fur balls never will.

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1. Sir Charles Barkley (barkleysircharles)

He's grown from a teeny pipsqueak into a dog among dogs — a real coming-of-age story.

2. Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle (digbyvanwinkle) / Via

These guys snuggle and spoon, and you know you'd tune in every week to see where this relationship goes.

3. Scruffy (scruffy_in_seattle) / Via

Scruffy's a riot. He'd make you laugh every week on his little puppy sitcom.

4. Samson The Goldendoodle (samsonthedood)

Samson wears the sickest threads and would surely grace the cover of GQ before too long.

5. Norbert (norbertthedog)

At just 3 pounds, Norbert is like the PBS Kids of the dog world.

6. Tuna (tunameltsmyheart)

He already has his very own book, so a TV deal should soon be in the works.

7. Jiff (jiffpom)

He may be small, but Jiff's star potential is off the charts.

8. Corgnelius & Stumphrey (corgnelius)

Corgnelius and Stumphrey have that dynamic duo, BFF, teamwork vibe going for them. And seeing them on TV would totally remind you of you and your own BFF.

9. Doug the Pug (itsdougthepug)

Doug the Pug is a variety show. Every episode would be a surprise, but it'd always be classic Doug.

10. Milo (milomeetsworld)

Boy Meets World was a classic, so it only makes sense that Milo Meets World would be too.

11. Dougie (dailydougie)

Look at that coat! Dougie's already got that actor sheen.

12. Murphy and Angel (murphandangel)

The couple we're all secretly rooting for.

13. Tusk (tuskthedog)

She has one tooth and her tongue's always out. What part of that wouldn't you binge on Netflix?

14. Lucielle Bull (lucyfarted)

I mean, her name says it all.

15. Marnie (marniethedog)

Basically Golden Girls 2.0.

16. Pino (mihonogi) / Via Instagram: @mihonogi

Wait, how is this not already a show?

Bonus cat: Lil Bub (iamlilbub)

Because we're already dying for Lil Bub to get a primetime slot.

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