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11 Reasons Why Waffles Are The Superior Breakfast Food

Sorry, pancakes, but the syrup runs right off of you. That's barbaric.

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1. Syrup pockets

steamboatwillie33 / Via Flickr: steamboatwillie33

There are literally compartments to hold in the syrup, so it doesn't run down the side, off the plate, onto the floor and onto your toes. Few things are worse than syrup in your toes.

2. Stackability

Waffle Makinası / Via Flickr: wafflemakinasi

Waffle irons ensure that every golden square is roughly the same shape and size as the last. That means a tall, steady heap of near-symmetrical waffles every time. Last time I checked, pancakes don't offer that same guarantee.

5. They bring people together

.@parksandrecnbc No one I'd rather eat waffles with than #LeslieKnope! #GovBuds #ParksandRec #TreatYoself

I'm sorry, when's the last time two of the most powerful women in the world gabbed over a plate of flapjacks? Never? Right.

8. Waffle fries / Via

Yes, French toast has the whole French fry equivalent thing. But what do pancakes have? What's that? Nothing? Exactly.

11. And perhaps most importantly:

View this video on YouTube / Via

The joke of a generation.

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