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17 Delicious Cookout Recipes That Will Impress Your Southern Friends

They're not your granny's, but...

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6. Slaw Dogs

Your friends and family will never eat another basic hot dog again after you bless them with these grilled Vinaigrette Cole Slaw Dogs from Jehan Can Cook. It's a meat and side in one! Put the cole slaw to the side, and let people add it as they want so the hotdogs don't get soggy. Here's the recipe.

Let the records show that Hannah and Chantal are cole slaw skeptics, but Essence insists this recipe won't get us kicked out of any cookouts. As diligent journalists, we will update this post should Essence's claim be proven untrue.


10. Baked Beans

Call it a gathering, get together, or whatever, but it's not a cookout if baked beans aren't in the mix. It's like having a table full of dessert and having the AUDACITY to leave out peach cobbler. It's just disrespectful.

Check out this yummy recipe from Randi of Dukes and Duchesses here. And if you really want to crank it up a notch, here's a recipe for a highly delish baked beans recipe. (Don't tell ya mama).


13. Peach Iced Tea

Sweet tea is necessary, especially in the South. But Peach Iced Tea? It cleanses the soul, y'all. If you go to a cookout and they don't have peach tea, you can give them a pass. But if there is NO sweet tea period? GO HOME. LEAVE. IT'S A TRAP. You deserve better than that. You can find this delicious recipe over at