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    17 Delicious Cookout Recipes That Will Impress Your Southern Friends

    They're not your granny's, but...

    Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

    1. BBQ Pulled Pork

    Candace of FoodLoveTog makes a great, easy recipe that's perfect to make in bulk. Get it here, and serve with cole slaw if you're into that kind of heresy.

    2. Buttermilk Fried Chicken

    This spicy, crispy recipe comes from Monique of Divas Can Cook. Angela of The Kitchenista Diaries has some bangin' recipes (and pictures), too; her recipe for buttermilk fried chicken wings is super easy to follow, but you can also try her sweet tea & lemon brined fried chicken recipe if buttermilk isn't your jam.

    3. BBQ Baby Back Ribs

    In case your uncle with the sandals (you know the ones) can't make it, Samantha of Haute Pepper Bites has your back. Get her recipe here.

    4. Fried Fish

    Yes, fish belongs at the cookout. Don't @ us, okay?!

    This recipe comes from Lisa of Creole Contessa. Get it here.

    5. Classic Burgers

    This one's from a Bon Appetit recipe. Don't tell your uncle Willie.

    6. Slaw Dogs

    Your friends and family will never eat another basic hot dog again after you bless them with these grilled Vinaigrette Cole Slaw Dogs from Jehan Can Cook. It's a meat and side in one! Put the cole slaw to the side, and let people add it as they want so the hotdogs don't get soggy. Here's the recipe.

    Let the records show that Hannah and Chantal are cole slaw skeptics, but Essence insists this recipe won't get us kicked out of any cookouts. As diligent journalists, we will update this post should Essence's claim be proven untrue.

    7. Baked Mac & Cheese

    This recipe from Resha of Carnal Dish will change your life. It will propose to your significant other on your behalf and then accept the proposal on theirs. She makes this "grown-up" mac & cheese recipe with bacon, but you can skip adding the bacon at the end or try her classic recipe.

    8. Collard Greens

    Monique of Divas Can Cook uses smoked turkey legs instead of ham hocks. You can watch her make it or get the recipe here.

    9. Corn on the Cob

    10. Baked Beans

    Call it a gathering, get together, or whatever, but it's not a cookout if baked beans aren't in the mix. It's like having a table full of dessert and having the AUDACITY to leave out peach cobbler. It's just disrespectful.

    Check out this yummy recipe from Randi of Dukes and Duchesses here. And if you really want to crank it up a notch, here's a recipe for a highly delish baked beans recipe. (Don't tell ya mama).

    11. Potato Salad

    You don't want to be known as THAT person with the bad potato salad, so follow this sensationally delicious and creamy recipe from Jehan Can Cook.

    12. Deviled Eggs / Via

    Crystal of Mrs Happy Homemaker adds a little twist to her deviled eggs by adding worcestershire sauce to the mix. Her recipe can be found on her blog.

    13. Peach Iced Tea

    Sweet tea is necessary, especially in the South. But Peach Iced Tea? It cleanses the soul, y'all. If you go to a cookout and they don't have peach tea, you can give them a pass. But if there is NO sweet tea period? GO HOME. LEAVE. IT'S A TRAP. You deserve better than that. You can find this delicious recipe over at

    14. Spiked Punch

    For the grown folk. This recipe, named for Jerry "The Professor" Thomas, has no shortage of Hennessy in it. Plan accordingly.

    15. Peach Cobbler

    This recipe comes from The Gracious Wife, but Monique of Divas Can Cook makes her with a pie-style butter crust. For the butter crust recipe, head to Monique's blog–or watch her bake it right on YouTube. Hell, you can even make it with Ciroc if you 'bout that life.

    16. Butter Pound Cake

    Emphasis on the butter. Erika, of Southern Soufflé, makes her recipe with her grandma in mind. Get it here.

    17. Bite-Sized Pecan Pies

    Pecan Pie is a southern favorite, and this sweet filling with butter, brown sugar, and vanilla will not disappoint. They're bite-sized, too, so guests can grab and go without worrying about a sticky mess! Follow the recipe on The Inner Gourmet.