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23 Ways To Cover Yourself In Black History Month Pride

Flex for the ancestors.

1. These "School of Thought" sweatshirts repping the names of iconic figures in black history, reimagined as university logos.

Courtesy of Philadelphia Printworks
Courtesy of Philadelphia Printworks

The sweatshirts are $37.50 each and named after notable figures including Harriet Tubman, James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, and Marcus Garvey.

2. This shirt in colors almost as bold as Detroit Red himself.

The Malcolm X T-shirt is available now for $45 — or you can hold out hope until the bodysuit becomes available again.

3. These earrings that show off Her Royal Flyness, Diana Ross.

Get them for $22 on Etsy.

4. Or this tote that will keep your books safe while Audre reminds you to care for yourself, too.

Snag the "A is for Audre" bag for $30 on Etsy.

5. This backpack that honors the many activists whose work and lives shape the world we live in today.

"Because Of Them We Can" sells this signature backpack for $50.

6. This shirt that spells it out for anyone who might get it twisted.

Sometimes you gotta say it with ya chest. Get the shirt for $30.

7. This tote that highlights a part of the Black Panthers' legacy that's often erased.

The Panthers' history is way more rich than what our textbooks say. Get the tote for $20.

8. These shirts that break it down for anyone who might be confused.

Buy the "Pure Black Nutritional Facts" shirt in black here for $16 and in other colors here for $17.

9. These earrings depicting American-born singer, dancer, and actress Josephine Baker, who left the U.S. for France in 1937 and became both a musical and political icon.

Get them on Etsy for $20.

10. And this sweatshirt that bears the name of the late Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, who made a historic run for the presidency in 1972.

Congresswoman Chisholm was not only the first black woman elected to Congress, but also the first major-party black candidate for president of the United States and the first woman to run for the Democratic presidential nomination. Get the sweatshirt here for $37.50.

11. This gorgeous clutch featuring an artistic rendering of the iconic performer Grace Jones.

The $45 clutch is made by visual artist Kashmir Thompson. As a bonus, snag Jones's recently released memoir.

12. These Black Is Beautiful T-shirts, sold by Harlem's famous Studio Museum.

The black shirt is available from the musuem here, and the white shirt's here. Both are $25.

13. Or this crewneck, because sometimes we really are talkin' teams.

Get the "Audacious Women" sweatshirt for $28.49 on Spreadshirt.

14. This Africa jersey for the Pan-Africanist in your life.

The Deluxe Africa jersey is $69.99, and Mizizi also sells jerseys for a number of different African countries. The shop will be debuting a Black Lives Matter jersey for February.

15. These Nina Simone earrings, a gorgeous dedication to the High Priestess of Soul.

Get the earrings for $10 on Etsy. The songstress's influence is everywhere in modern music and activism; you can catch the Oscar-nominated documentary about her life on Netflix.

16. This T-shirt quoting brilliant Civil Rights activist Bayard Rustin, who is often erased from popular narratives of the movement because of his sexuality.

Get the shirt featuring the words of Dr. King's right-hand man on Skreened for $21.59.

17. Or this Zora Neale Hurston tote, a portrait of the Harlem Renaissance author who gave us classic books like Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Her work continues to influence writers and activists alike. To honor her with this tote bag, buy it on Society 6 for $22.

18. Sometimes you gotta say your grandma's favorite proverb with ya chest...and your head...and...

The whole Blk Proverbs collection restocks on Feb. 1; buy the "Stay Black" shirt for $17 and the pillow for $10.

19. Or toast Toussaint L'Ouverture, the leader of the revolution that ushered in Haiti's independence from French colonial rule in 1804.

The revolution made Haiti the first free black republic in the Western Hemisphere. Buy the shirt bearing L'Ouverture's face for $22.

20. This shirt celebrating the musical genius of Miles Davis.

Because where would we be without him? Get the shirt for $26.

21. This Black Cameo pin/pendant, made by jewelry designer Coreen Simpson after she noticed no women of color in the existing marketplace.

Simpson launched her signature jewelry piece, The Black Cameo®, in 1990. It's available via her site for $60.

22. This shirt that (almost) says it all.!2836!3!49552807039!!!g!76032320119!&ef_id=Vhvw4QAAAN

Parks was a trained activist whose lifelong commitment to social change certainly stretched well beyond her one famous act of defiance, but that's a little harder to fit on a shirt. In the meantime, this one's available for $22.07.

23. And these #BlackGirlsAreFromTheFuture wristbands, because what is linear time anyway?

The wristbands come from writer Renina Jarmon, who wrote a book of essays by the same name. You can get two wristbands for $5.

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