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    13 Natural Hairstyles To Try When The Humidity Is Trying You

    Protect ya neck...from the heat.

    Zoë Burnett / Buzzfeed

    1. Quick Pompadour Pony

    Watch Mini Marley do this incredibly easy style in her tutorial.

    2. Twisted Knot Protective Style

    Watch Naptural85 do a tutorial here.

    3. Cornrows With Braiding Hair

    4. Summer Scarf Updo

    Watch TheChicNatural's tutorial here.

    5. French Braids With Headband

    IKnowLee did hers using a headband from Loza Tam.

    6. Headwrap

    Check out ItsMyRayeRaye's tutorial on how to tie yours.

    7. Braided Updo

    Watch KyssMyHair's tutorial here.

    8. High Puff On Stretched Hair

    9. Bob Wig

    Watch wig extraordinaire PeakMill get hers together here.

    10. Flat Twist Updo Using Marley Hair

    Watch YesChrisYesss do hers here.

    11. Box Braid Bob

    This look is by Mona B., but you can watch this tutorial by Chizi Duru to learn how to do your own.

    12. Summer Updo

    Ms. Rosie has an excellent tutorial.

    13. Short Crochet Braids

    Pure Estrogen did hers with Freetress Urban Soft Dread Hair. Learn how here.