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17 "Urban Lit" Books That Are Doing The Absolute Most

In Zane we trust.

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1. This rejected Ja Rule lyric.

2. This tale of a woman who is truly fed up.

(But maybe not so fed up that there can't be a sequel).

3. This suspenseful confessional.

4. And this direct violation of Side Chick Etiquette 101.

5. This meme-inspired novella.

Shh, nobody tell Rae Sremmurd.

6. This book that contains no latte recipes.

7. This heaux-ly read.


8. And this story of yet another fake doctor.

9. This saga of a woman who just didn't learn her lesson about dope boys the first time around.

10. And this cautionary tale of what happens when you let one put a ring on it.

11. This classic from Auntie Zane herself.

12. This straight up disrespect.

Yaaasss, side chick! Find your voice!

13. This ain't-nobody-got-time-for-that-get-to-the-point titled novel.

14. This ode to girls around the world who get shit done.

15. This love story of a power couple who knows how to get them coins.

'Cause if you ain't talkin money, you really ain't sayin' shit.

16. This reminder that there's someone for everyone.

Keep hope alive, singles.

17. And this confirmation that even the godliest of us partake in a lil' sin-sin.

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