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17 "Urban Lit" Books That Are Doing The Absolute Most

In Zane we trust.

1. This rejected Ja Rule lyric.

2. This tale of a woman who is truly fed up.

3. This suspenseful confessional.

4. And this direct violation of Side Chick Etiquette 101.

5. This meme-inspired novella.

6. This book that contains no latte recipes.

7. This heaux-ly read.

8. And this story of yet another fake doctor.

9. This saga of a woman who just didn't learn her lesson about dope boys the first time around.

10. And this cautionary tale of what happens when you let one put a ring on it.

11. This classic from Auntie Zane herself.

12. This straight up disrespect.

13. This ain't-nobody-got-time-for-that-get-to-the-point titled novel.

14. This ode to girls around the world who get shit done.

15. This love story of a power couple who knows how to get them coins.

16. This reminder that there's someone for everyone.

17. And this confirmation that even the godliest of us partake in a lil' sin-sin.