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    Stop What You're Doing And Look At These Gorgeous Bearded Men

    Did @PostBadBeards turn up the temperature in here or is that just us?

    It's been ~scientifically proven~ that a great beard makes a man exponentially hotter (hi, Drake).

    The Instagram page @PostBadBeards, which has a loyal following on Twitter as well, is a visual oasis for all those who love scruff.

    PostBadBeards admins โ€” @kashmirVIII, @deolacola, @yoangel, and @dannithekidd โ€” share photos of fine men with impressive beards, tagging the men's corresponding social media accounts in their (often hilarious) captions.

    ...and of course, the bearded sensation that is Champagne Papi aka Butterscotch Bandit aka Aubrey Drake Graham.

    Stay thirsty, friends.