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    23 Times Kelly Rowland Was So Gorgeous It Almost Hurt

    Somebody make this woman the face of their beauty company ASAP.

    1. The time she gave "pretty in pink" new meaning.

    2. That time she covered Essence magazine with her adorable newborn son, Titan.

    3. And the time she served so much mom-to-be glow at the VMAs.

    4. That time she and Beyoncé joined Michelle to sing "Say Yes" and their white ensembles said yes, too.

    5. That time she and Solange stole the show at Paris Fashion Week.

    6. The time she wore this sexy backless dress.

    7. And the time her makeup and jewelry reminded us how much beauty she can pack into details.

    8. The time she smoldered in this gray two-piece.

    9. That time her legs looked like they must be insured by Cocoa Butter, Inc.

    10. And that time she wore this badass leather pencil skirt.

    11. That time not even Boris Kodjoe looked finer than her.

    12. The time she looked like a fly ass Oscar statue.

    13. And the time she proved (yet again) that bright yellow looks incredible against dark skin.

    14. The time she wore this jaw-dropping number to the Grammys.

    15. The time she performed alongside Beyoncé at the Super Bowl and served so. much. face.

    16. That time she wore this emerald green and looked positively regal.

    17. And that time she gave us Lara Croft sexy at Beijing Fashion Week.

    18. The time she was flanked by the stunning Jessica White and Tika Sumpter.

    19. And the time she and Jessica White looked too damn cute embracing each other.

    20. And that time she rocked this icy minty blazer onstage.

    21. That time she shined so hard she had to look back.

    22. The time this orange dress brought out her glowing undertones.

    23. And that time she dropped the car selfie to end all car selfies.

    Slay on, Ms. Rowland!