25 Gifts For The Future Revolutionary In Your Life

    The holiday season might be a capitalist conspiracy, but sometimes even revolutionaries like presents.

    1. Stay Woke shirt, $20

    2. Feminism Is For Everybody embroidery, $22.45

    3. I Love My Blackness And Yours T-shirt, $15

    4. Tina Belcher mug, $15

    5. Spook Magazine - Issue 5, $25 for print and digital copy, $7 for just digital

    6. Queer and Trans Artists of Color: Stories of Some of Our Lives by Nia King, $15

    7. Assata Taught Me hoodie, $35

    8. The BreakBeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-Hop, $15.26

    9. GET FREE pennant, $30

    10. "And Counting" sweatshirts, $45 each

    These cotton and fleece sweatshirts bear the names of (some of the many) black people who have lost their lives to police violence. You can buy the one listing the names of men and boys here and the one listing girls' and women's names here.

    11. Merry Capitalist Christmas card, $4.67

    12. "Lord, give me the confidence" shirt, $20-25

    13. Micah Bazant posters, $15 each

    14. "If you are neutral" sweater, $29.99

    15. Stop Telling Women To Smile tote, $17

    16. I Am Black History T-shirt, $20

    17. Alesia Fisher prints, $15-40

    Get "Ain't I A Woman?" (from the iconic Sojourner Truth speech) here and "When You Sing" (a rendering of the powerful Billie Holiday quote) here.

    18. Plant These to Help Save Bees tote, $22

    19. Ratchetness As Praxis T-shirt, $23.99

    20. We All Can Do It poster, $20.35

    21. Audre Lorde crewneck, $37.50

    22. Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Pedagogy of Hope by Paulo Freire, $21.41 & $16.90

    Link above is for Pedagogy of the Oppressed. To buy Pedagogy of Hope, go here.

    23. Cats Against Capitalism button pins, $1.25 each

    24. They/Them/Their mug, $25

    25. All Black Lives Matter hoodie, $35

    Do you have any ~woke~ gear you love? Share it with us below.