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    9 Really Important Things Every Black Woman Should Know About Her Edges

    Don't let winter snatch your soul.

    Winter is coming, and there's one question begging to be answered:

    Your edges are your friends! Treat them with kindness, and they'll love you back. Here are some ways to show your edges some love this winter so they'll still be around to celebrate the spring with you.

    1. Keep your edges moisturized.

    2. Stimulate your scalp with oil.

    3. DON'T snatch your own edges!

    4. Chill on the relaxer.

    5. Lay low on the heat.

    6. If you rock weaves or wigs, try switching up your style from time to time so your edges aren't always stressed in the same places.

    7. Give your hair some extra special love from time to time with a deep-conditioning treatment.

    8. Don't skip the TLC before bed — always use a satin scarf, bonnet, or pillowcase.

    9. Be patient and consistent!

    It can be hard to feel like you’re seeing progress, especially if your hair is tightly curled. Feel free to track your progress with pictures instead of just your eyes — you might be surprised!

    If you don’t see progress or are still experiencing consistent breakage unrelated to the tension that you put on your hair, it may be worth talking to your stylist, general doctor, or dermatologist.

    May your edges never be jagged again!