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33 Amazing Gifts Every Black Girl Will Want To Keep For Herself

Especially if that girl is you.

1. For the makeup fiend, highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes from Juvia's Place.

The rich colors show up like a dream on dark skin. Get the Nubian palette (left) here on sale for $17.50 and the Masquerade palette (right) on sale here for $32.50.

2. For the one who's a lifesaver, this glossy pin from artist Bianca Xunise.

3. For the one who likes to make a statement, necklaces from Essence Murjani.

Get "Black As Fuck" here for $65 and "Black Girl Magic" here for $67.

4. For the one always fighting the power, this pin from artist Rachel Stewart.

5. For the super-girly but still very practical dresser in your life, get these super-cute T-shirts from Adorned By Chi.

6. For the bookworm, a monthly subscription box that contains one new release from a black author and 4–5 other literary selections.

7. For the drama queen who always gets her way, lashes made for batting.

Vaniteux, a black woman-owned line, sells gorgeous falsies in a whole range of natural to dramatic styles. Both women above are wearing "Giselle," the double-layered mink lash pictured to the right. Get it here for $25.

8. For the girl obsessed with glow, a body highlighter that packs a punch.

9. For the one who considers ankara a way of life, a state of mind, and a blessing from the goddess.

10. For the girl who's 🎶 weary of the ways of the world 🎶, a bath soak to help her rise.

11. For the girl who's got one foot planted firmly in the '90s, a reminder that she always 🎶 got her giiiirls 🎶

12. For the one who wakes up flawless***, a pillow to jumpstart the day.

13. For the one who swears she's Top Chef material, a recipe e-book from Angela Davis aka The Kitchenista, whose recipes fill Black Twitter with jealousy every day.

Get the appetizer handbook here for $5 and the holiday recipe collection here for $12.99 from her site.

14. For the girl who prides herself on keeping up with memes, and has a great recipe for 'beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes...', cooking gear from Pastor Shirley Caesar's official line.

Get the #UNameIt cutting board here for $29 and the apron here for $24.

15. For the Afrolatina in your life, a necklace that lets her say it with her chest.

16. For the girl who just has too much shit, and needs a bag to function at optimal levels.

17. For the activist who also knows a ho never gets cold, a T-shirt honoring two heroes.

18. For the woman who enjoys subtle, well-deployed political brooches. ✊🏿

19. For the one who stays lit, a candle to keep her fire burning.

20. For the one who never misses a mani, vegan nail polish from Pear Nova.

Get "Heavy Meadow" (left) here and "Rated R" (right) here for $10 each.

21. For the girl who lives for the weekend, this gorgeous yellow dress from The Tiny Closet's online shop.

Get the flowy Weekender here in sizes XS to XL for $75.

22. And for the one who slays any LBD, this fitted charcoal dress from Rue107.

Get it here in sizes S - 3X for $103.20.

23. For the most dapper one in the squad, a bowtie that'll light up her world.

24. And for the one who gives Samira Wiley a run for her money, the perfect top(s).

Get the BOI | GIRL shirt here for $25 and the BOIHOOD sweater here for $45 from Stuzo Clothing.

25. For the one who wants to support emerging black talent and wants to put her money where her mouth is (or you could give in their name, if you like).

26. For the one who loves jewelry with a flair, this choker made with fabric from Ethiopia.

27. For the girl who's just as likely to snarl as smile, get into Chicago-based Alaina Ewins' designs.

28. For the girl who loves her romantic fiction with a little more. Go historical, queer, supernatural...the list is endless. Book Riot has a great roundup.

29. For the one who's fed up with this dumpster fire of a year, an enamel pin that puts America where it belongs.

30. For the sis who loves nothing more than anointing herself from head to toe in luxurious oils 'n' shit.

31. For the one who's always on point, a look from the continent.

32. For la que tiene tumbao, a poster of Celia con rolos.

33. And for the yute, toys that are as encouraging as they are fun.

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