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What Is The Absolute Worst First Date You've Ever Been On?

*Accidentally throws up on date and starts crying.*

First dates can be so awkward!

The stakes are high and you only get one shot at making a first impression!

Sometimes, things go wrong. Like, really, really wrong.

Maybe you decided to go back to your date's place and when things started to heat up, you felt a weird gurgle in your stomach before erupting into a violent vomiting fit all over their bed and naked body.

Maybe you were expecting 23-year-old Brad to show up and instead got stuck with 68-year-old Edgar who insisted on bringing his wife's urn and asking you to introduce yourself to her.

Maybe your date made you laugh a little too hard and you ended up peeing your pants and soaking the passenger seat of their car.

Whatever your horror story is, we want to know in the comments below! The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!