People Who Got Involved In Office Romances And Affairs Are Sharing All The Nitty-Gritty Details, And It's Intriguing

    "We had incredible sex together, and I experienced a wild side of her I had never seen before. Afterward, we got dressed and ran a very successful meeting."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community who have either participated in or witnessed an office romance/affair to tell us their stories. We received so many juicy, compelling submissions that we had to make a part two! Here's what people revealed:

    1. "My now ex-boyfriend of three years and I were going through a rough patch. We were fighting a lot and sleeping in different rooms. I knew things were going to end soon. Someone really nice had recently been hired at my job. I eventually told him about my situation, and he gave me advice and comforted me. There was a work Halloween party, and my boyfriend and I went together, stupidly. We ended up getting into a huge fight in front of everyone. The new guy found me and comforted me. I was really sad and probably drunk, and one thing led to another, and we ended up finding a spare room and did it. My boyfriend found out and immediately broke up with me. The employee and I dated for three months, but it didn't last. I honestly don't regret anything that happened because I was clearly in a toxic relationship, and he helped me get out."


    2. "We were both dating other people at the time, and we both got broken up with at the same time (only one week apart). We confided in each other and became very good friends. We started seeing each other, but he was my manager, so we had to keep things on the down low to make sure nobody claimed favoritism. He used to pick me up around the corner and I would say I was taking the bus. A few people noticed but never said anything because they liked us. I left the company about two months into our relationship, and he stayed on for another 10 years. Here we are 11 years later, married with a beautiful son and four pets!"


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    3. "When I was in college, I worked part-time at a law firm and developed a huge crush on one of the partners. He was 20 years my senior, very charming, and one of the few attorneys who wasn't a snob. One year, a group of us were going to a club after the firm's Christmas party. I asked if he would let me drive his new Porsche there. It was just him and I, and once we got in the car, he asked if he could kiss me. We made out right there in the Porsche. After that night, we went out a few times but kept the relationship secret, given the age difference. He received flowers from three different women at the office on Valentine's Day. I was devastated! We stopped seeing each other, and he married shortly afterward."

    "Then, 20 years later, I started a new job and discovered he was on the board of directors! We still had that same chemistry, and I will save part two of this story for another time."


    4. "I’m a woman in my late 20s. I have a professional job with a large company in Denver. A female colleague and I rented a room in a large hotel where we were putting on a large class. We used the room to stage and store all our material. She was a beautiful woman in her early 30s who always talked about her kids and suburban life. She came from money and carried herself like it. I had never really had a personal conversation with her, much less a sexual chat. She was professional at all times, and so was I. We had time to burn after everything was set up and ready for the meeting/presentation. I was sitting in the chair at the table in the room, and she was touching up her makeup. Out of the blue, she turned to me with her hands on her hips and said, 'I need to redo my makeup anyway. Would you like to spend an hour having sex with me?' I was dumbstruck but nodded yes."

    "We had incredible sex together, and I experienced a wild side of her I had never seen before. She was an incredible kisser. Afterward, we got dressed and ran a very successful meeting. I see her every day and have for almost two years now, and the sex we shared has never come up nor been repeated. I'm married, and so is she. I guess it's just our little secret."


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    5. "I worked in a maximum-security prison on the West Coast for about 10 years. Part of my job included ordering supplies for some departments (medical, construction, housekeeping, etc.), and I became acquainted with many staff members from those departments. Well, a lovely dental tech and I hit it off, and we used to have sex in the dentist's office when I'd stop by for supply request lists. Also, there was a cute legal assistant whose office represented prison staff sued by inmates. She and I met when I was being deposed, and we became friendly. She would stop by my office for a romp on my boss's desk (my office had windows, so no privacy). Having sex inside prison, with guards and inmates just outside the door, made the experience wayyy hotter."


    6. "I moved to a different state to start a new job. I didn't know anyone, and everything was new to me. One of my new coworkers offered to show me the city, help me make new friends, and get involved in the community, which seemed great, at the time. One thing led to another, and we started dating. As we got to know one another, he told me he was divorced and that the kids he shared with his ex-wife lived with her full-time. They were maybe 2 and 4. A few weeks later, his 'ex-wife' got a job at the same company, which was awkward in many ways, but here is the real kicker: I didn't find out for months that he had lied about the divorce. They were still married!"

    "Suddenly, everyone was looking at me like I was a homewrecker. I also found out his wife got an abortion a month or two after we started dating, and the baby was definitely his. On top of that, he still lived with her! He always came over to my place because he said that due to the divorce, he was living back with his parents, and it was too new of a relationship to meet them. It was so awful and so awkward. I was lied to about everything for months. 

    Once he started to go through the divorce process, he was ordered to pay child support. He said he couldn't afford the amount the court wanted him to pay, so the now ex-wife threatened to tell me everything he had been lying about. He ended up coming clean to me because he didn't want me to find out from her. The ex-wife didn't last too long at the company, and I moved back home because I hated the relocation. Worst experience of my life."


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    7. "My ex-husband worked for a university as their main campus photographer and began having an affair with his student worker while on a work trip that caused him to miss my 31st birthday. They were terrible at hiding it (I was somehow the last to find out), and apparently the university had started an investigation before he left me. I laughed when his old coworkers told me they both had to leave the state because the university refused to provide references. Apparently, word gets around!"


    8. "It was about three years into my job, and I'm about to hit eight years now. I've been with my boyfriend going on 14 years now, but he's a complete narcissist. I was starting to get lonely and feeling unappreciated (the usual), so I started going to happy hour with coworkers. Of course, I was attracted to one of them, but he had a girlfriend, so I pushed the attraction to the back of my mind. One particular happy hour outing was just us. We confessed our mutual attraction and hooked up in the parking lot. We never had intercourse, just A LOT of everything else. We met for happy hours, before work, and during lunches. I even stopped by his house once, but still no sex."

    "About eight months after we started, he told me he had a new goal in life: to make me his girlfriend by the end of the year. He was willing to leave his current girlfriend of five years. He was so sure I was going to be his. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED how this man made me feel. It was so different from what my boyfriend gave me at home, but I did not see any type of future with him. It sounds like a jerk thing to say, but he also had his flaws, which I'm not getting into. I slowly started distancing myself. I stopped happy hours and any meet-ups. He got the hint and stopped the invites. He would catch me in the hallways, and we'd always have a quick chat.

    About two months later, I found out I was pregnant. This is why I kept reiterating that my coworker and I never had sex. When I told him, he knew it wasn't his and was so HEARTBROKEN. He had to watch me go full-term with my pregnancy. He quit about three months after I came back from maternity leave. He literally got up from his desk, announced, 'There's nothing for me at this place anymore,' and walked out the door. Don't feel too sorry for him. During my pregnancy and maternity leave, he and his girlfriend bought a house and moved in together. He's doing just fine."


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    9. "I’m in the military, and on my first deployment, I had an affair with a fellow service member. The deployment lasted seven months, but the affair lasted three years. I am divorced and married to the person I had an affair with and have been for eight years."


    10. "I actually met my fiancé at work. I was working in men's fashion, and I heard we were getting a new employee transferring from a different city. From the gossip, people said he was super preppy, had a huge ego, and was overly confident — that kind of character. Not really my type. It was a stressful day, and I was sitting in a shipment box throwing sweaters at my coworkers who wouldn't do their jobs. I was losing it a little. My boss walked out, and I heard her say, 'That one inside the box is [my name].' I looked up to see the most handsome man, wearing a beautiful suit. It was the new employee."

    "I spent the next month making sure I worked close to him. Eventually, it got to the point where I was recovering from surgery, and he asked if he could come over to help keep me company. I said yes, and we ended up kissing each other that night. After that day, we would sneak around the store to steal kisses and moments with each other. I discovered he would check the schedule every week before we got together to see if I would be at work. He just wanted to be around me.

    We went to a work outing at a bar, and after a few drinks, we let it slip that we were dating. It turns out there were no strict rules. Everyone was thrilled, and most of our coworkers actually said they had hoped we would get together. 

    A year and a half later, we are planning our upcoming wedding. Having to sneak around work was so much fun, but it added a lot of stress to our lives. I never thought I would meet the love of my life while sitting in a box and throwing clothes at people, but I'm so happy I did."


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    11. "I got stuck training a coworker who was being promoted to my level. She sat next to me at my desk for weeks, maybe months. In the beginning, I was annoyed I got stuck training her. We eventually became very close. She had a child and lived with the child’s father (they weren't married). She expressed lots of issues in her relationship. We talked constantly. Our chemistry was unreal. I found myself falling for her. We went to dinner one night. One thing led to another, and we slept together. I just assumed she’d be leaving her boyfriend for me. That wasn’t the case. Work became incredibly complicated, but it was passionate. We slept together routinely for a couple of years. She was supposed to leave her boyfriend many times, but that never happened."

    "She eventually left the company. Our affair continued off and on for a little while after she left, but I finally ended it by blocking her phone number. Worst decision of my life. It's the only thing in my life I truly regret."


    12. "We basically had a Pam and Jim story. We couldn't deny the mutual attraction and flirtation. Things escalated while working on a project together. We were married, but our respective relationships were on the rocks (even before the flirtations), which probably isn't the greatest defense. We took advantage of some business trips, the relationship developed, and we both left our respective spouses. We've been together for almost 15 years and married for almost 13. We were in different departments, and the company didn't really care at the time as long as we didn't report to one another in the hierarchy. Lots of other couples existed in the organization."


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    13. "Two PE teachers from my high school left their respective spouses for each other. One of them had just gotten married, and I think we called her by that new last name for MAYBE two months before she let us know her newest name — the same as the other teacher's. It was wild for a small town."


    14. "I was getting a divorce from my first wife. A single coworker (now wife #2) and I worked late on computer networks together and started flirting. Words turned into touching, and then more. It was weird as coworkers, but then it got worse when I got promoted to her supervisor. My boss knew, and others started making comments to me about it. Oops. The pay rate for her job was not good, but there was no way I could ask to get her a raise. She needed to find a better and different workplace, so I wrote her a letter of recommendation. She now has a much better job with better pay. We've been married 23 years now and have two kids in college."


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    15. "I had an affair with my coworker, who is seven years older than me, had a boyfriend of 12 years, and has seven kids. I'm a female; she'd never been with another female before. When I first saw her, I was interested, but I wasn't sure at first. I flirted, and she would flirt back. Then, one day, she told me to fix someone's paperwork, and I said, 'If you give me your number.' She did, and I fixed the paperwork. We texted for a couple of days, then met up at a gas station, kissed, and it took off. We messed around for a while, then it got stressful, so we ended it."


    16. And this doozy: "I worked for a janitorial company in a small college town at the college I attended. My husband and I married in June. He did some icky things in September, and I met the most amazing man in October. My favorite building to work in was the athletic facilities building/the gym. One day, a new student worker was assigned to the security desk. Part of MY job was to go through the building after it closed, check the doors, and make sure no stray students were hanging around. Not many days after the new worker started, I realized that part of HIS job was to go through the building and ensure all the doors were locked, etc. We made a decision to walk the building together. At the end of his first week, a new friendship was in the works. The sexual tension between us was unreal."

    "The second week was spent slowly walking that building. We'd occasionally 'accidentally' bump arms, hold eye contact, and flirt. That second Friday was definitely different. We made our rounds and stood talking in an emergency exit alcove. I don't remember what we talked about, but I was laughing. The next thing I knew, he lifted my chin gently, leaned down, and softly touched my lips with his. It was a movie moment! That was the only gentle kiss we shared for a long time! That started the most intense connection with a man I have ever experienced.

    For the four years that followed, we snuck around the campus as often as possible, stealing kisses in the riskiest places. One day, he saw me in another building between his classes and pulled me into the elevator, kissing me as enthusiastically as possible. He stopped the elevator's descent and encouraged me to...fill in the blanks here. We fooled around everywhere: the middle of the football field, the basketball press box, the basketball court, the elevator, the showers in the locker room, the football coach's office, and the weight room, which was a favorite place of ours. The riskiest place was the Dean's office. It was the most wild, erotic relationship I have ever shared with anyone. 

    Shockingly, we only slept together once in those four years — the night before he left town to go home and start his post-college life. I was devastated. Facebook came into the picture 15 years later, and I got a message from him. He had looked for me. He convinced me to come to see him (a three-hour drive), and I did. We quickly recognized that the sparks still exploded between us, and the kisses were as amazing as they had been 15 years prior.

    Now, we message each other frequently and get together as often as possible. Almost 34 years later, he is still the most amazing, passionate, WILD man in my life. I would love to revisit all the places on campus where we got 'adventurous.' We actually have plans in a couple of weeks."


    Fascinating! If you've ever been a part of an office romance (or watched in awe as one happened before your eyes), we'd love to hear your story! Tell us in the comments or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.