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What's The Most Shocking Thing A Kid Has Ever Asked You About Sex?

Excuse me?

Kids tend to have very small filters but very large imaginations.

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They can't help that they're curious and want to learn about how the world works.

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That being said, their curiosity often prompts some pretty wild questions, especially when they start learning about sex.

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Maybe you were babysitting some kids from down the street, and in the middle of their lunchtime, one blurted out, "Does having sex mean giving your soul to the devil?"

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Or perhaps you were getting your own kid ready for a playdate when they randomly asked, "Is it true that babies come from outer space and that an alien puts it in your tummy?"

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Or maybe you were teaching a sex ed class and had a student ask, "Can you get an STD from wearing pants that are too tight?"

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Has a kid ever asked you a super strange question about sex? Drop it in the comments below. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.