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    15 Completely Absurd Things People Have Asked Members Of Their Wedding Party To Do That Made Me Say, "Is That Allowed?"

    "She asked if I’d consider converting to Catholicism."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the most absurd things they've been asked to do as members of a wedding party. Here are the mind-boggling results:

    1. "The bride asked me to gain 20 pounds because my bridesmaids dress was a smaller size than her wedding dress. I laughed, assuming it was a joke. Over the next three months, she used every single conversation we had to slip in some comment about a great new junk food restaurant I just 'had' to try."

    "Anyway, I go to pick up my bridesmaid dress and she had taken it upon herself to order a size up. When I asked her about it, she accused me of not keeping up my end of 'the deal,' then accused me of trying to ruin her wedding. Cue her screaming at me with tears and snot running down her face. I dropped out, haven't spoken to her since, and have no regrets."


    2. "A friend of mine was asked to make 216 cupcakes for her friend’s wedding because the couple wanted to keep it cheap. The couple didn’t even pay for the ingredients."


    3. "I once had a client ask me if the church would let her repaint the whole interior because she wanted it white, not cream."

    Shocked Oprah

    4. "All of the bridesmaids were going to wear matching earrings, but I told them that my ears aren't pierced. One of the bridesmaids told me that I shouldn’t ruin the wedding and should get my ears pierced as soon as possible. I was 30 years old at the time. Zero chance of me piercing my ears for someone's wedding."


    5. "I was told to color my hair so I wouldn't 'take away attention' from the bride. I'm the only one who has to spend the extra $400. No wig allowed..."


    6. "My sister asked me if my son could be her ring bearer and my daughter her flower girl. The day of the wedding, my cousin showed up with her daughter dressed as a flower girl and my other cousin with her son dressed as the ring bearer. They both claimed that my mom had asked them as well. When my sister confronted our mom, she admitted she did it because she thought their kids would look cuter."

    Annoyed and grossed out Dan Levy as David Rose

    7. "I was surprised when a newer, not-super-close friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. A week later, I received an odd email from her. Apparently, her mother was furious she asked a non-Catholic to serve as a bridesmaid, and she asked if I'd mind not discussing my religion during the wedding. It wouldn’t have come up anyway, as I’m not that religious. I asked the friend if it would be easier if I just went as a guest, as not to cause a problem, and she asked if I’d consider converting to Catholicism."

    "We’d been friends for like six months and were not that close anyway. Stunned, I told her I couldn’t. The wedding was called off shortly after that because the bride, interestingly enough, became pregnant, and she and the fiancé eloped."


    8. "Some of my husband’s coworkers are all in the same wedding coming up in a few weeks. The bride requested that all of the groomsmen grow a mullet."


    9. "I was a bridesmaid for a friend. I didn't care about paying for the bridesmaid dress or having to drive and pay for myself to eat at the rehearsal dinner. I was there to support my buddy and her decision to take that step in her relationship! However, I did not know that after the rehearsal dinner, I would be up until almost 4:00 a.m. making individual goodie bags for 150+ wedding guests the day before the wedding."

    Exhausted Tiana laying on her bed

    10. "I was a flower girl when I was 5, and the bride told me if I wanted to be in the wedding, I had to get the stitches in my chin removed first. I remember being chased around the house before the bride’s father and my mother teamed up to hold an ice cube to my chin and then remove my stitches. I may never forgive them, even 17 years later."


    11. "I was in a wedding where I showed up to the rehearsal dinner and the bridesmaids, not groomsmen, were expected to put together decorations and set up. We were not told about this ahead of time."


    12. "My college best friend gave me, in her words, a 'very distinct honor.' Instead of walking down the aisle with a groomsman like the other bridesmaids, I would be walking with her chihuahua. One of us had on a beautiful custom dress made from the bride’s veil material, and one of us rented the runway."

    Nicole Byer grimacing

    13. "I’m plus-sized, and my friend picked a bridesmaid dress style for us that only came in juniors sizes. I had to pay $$$ to get it altered to fit. I was an unemployed college student at the time. It was really demoralizing."


    14. "I was asked to wear a wig because my hair was 'distracting' and would pull all the attention away from the bride."


    15. Finally: "We were expected to dedicate an entire week to the wedding festivities, and then another week for the second reception in another state."

    Exhausted Kelly Kapoor

    Have you ever been asked to do something totally absurd for a wedding? Tell us in the comments!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.