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What's The Absolute Pettiest Way You've Dumped Or Been Dumped By Someone?


By nature, breakups are tough.

Though some breakups are handled with maturity, many tend to go down in flames because of heightened emotions and pettiness.

Maybe you caught your S.O. of two years cheating on you with their best friend's sister, so rather than talk it out, you decided to egg both their cars and spray paint "lose my number and go fuck yourself" on your now-ex's driveway.

Or maybe you thought things were going well with a new partner, only for them to randomly block you on all social media and leave a letter in your mailbox explaining that they "just weren't feeling it."

Or perhaps your partner started acting distant and intentionally doing and saying hurtful things, so you confronted them. After expressing your concerns, they admitted they were trying to be awful so you'd dump them before they had to be the one to end things.

What's the pettiest way you've dumped or been dumped by someone? Drop your story in the comments below! The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.