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Non-Americans, What's Something You Associate With "American Culture?"

Oh boy.

America is a confusing place.

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To say the least.

People from other countries often have lots of questions about what the hell we're doing over here.

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Valid. So valid.

From the inside, it can be hard to pinpoint what practices, habits, or beliefs really define "American culture."

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Besides the glaringly obvious problematic ones that we could talk about all day...

Perhaps it's a facet of "American culture" to wear shoes inside the house. Outside shoes. In the house. On the furniture. Ew.

Liam Kyle Sullivan / Via

Maybe it's "American culture" to host frequent backyard barbecues featuring hamburgers and hotdogs.

Todd Rocheford / Via

Or maybe part of "American culture" is constantly finding new foods to dip into ranch.

Sonny's BBQ / Via

Non-Americans, head to the comments to share something you consider to be "American culture." Some of the best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.