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    22 Upsetting Design Mistakes That'll Make You Break A Sweat

    GOD, WHY?!

    Do you ever look at a design and wonder, "What the hell happened there? Who did that? Why?"

    Yeah, me too. Thanks to r/mildlyinfuriating and r/Crappy Design, we can cringe and cry over terrible design choices and mistakes together.

    Enjoy these monstrosities:

    1. This crooked cooktop:

    2. This accidental obstacle course:

    3. This design that I am NOT a fan of:

    4. This hopeless restroom:

    5. This tragic tile situation:

    6. This public potty:

    7. This monstrous mistake:

    8. This refund waiting to happen:

    9. This floral faux pas:

    10. This 50-50 shot:

    11. This numerical nonsense: 

    12. This cold case:

    13. This shared socket:

    14. This drawer that makes me want to roar:

    15. This lopsided light:

    16. This designer who was really cutting corners:

    17. This tripping hazard:

    18. These worthless windows:

    19. This ATM that's making me SMH:

    20. This straight-up dangerous mistake:

    21. This unthinkable sink:

    22. Finally, this placement that's really pushing my buttons: