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    In Case It's Not Already Obvious, Here Are 17 Unwritten Rules You Should Already Be Living By

    I hope you're taking notes.

    We recently shared a post featuring some of the unwritten rules of life that all people should be following. The original post was inspired by u/SpareArm, who started the Reddit thread asking for these rules.

    The comments quickly filled with more unwritten and unspoken rules that you definitely need to know. Here are some of the best:

    1. "Don't point out if someone is blushing. They can't control it, they already know, and you're making it worse by drawing attention to it."


    2. "If you make a mess, clean it up as soon as you can — especially if you live with other people. Be it washing that bowl or picking up your clothes from the bathroom floor, it makes life easier and avoids arguments."


    3. "Figure out what you’re going to order or buy before you’re at the front of a queue."


    4. "Don't ask people why they don't drink."


    5. "Don’t ask how much people’s stuff costs."


    6. "Borrowed a car? Fill the tank, or at the very least, replace the gas you used."


    7. "Don’t give someone’s phone number (or other contact info) to someone else without their permission."


    8. "Don’t lend out things that aren’t 100% yours. If you don’t own it, don’t lend it out on the owner’s behalf. If it’s shared (particularly if a group of people have pitched in to buy it), check with the others first."


    9. "If you borrow something repeatedly, then it's probably a good idea for you to buy one of your own."


    10. "Don’t brag about your kid if another parent just shared a challenge they're having with theirs."


    11. "Stop talking on your phone in the bathroom."


    12. "Never mock something that someone cannot change. You may think you're joking, but you never know what people are sensitive about."


    13. "Don't touch a pregnant person's stomach. Like, stop! Please stop!"


    14. "Take the time to congratulate someone when they share good news. Don’t just ask questions right away."


    15. "Don't take up all of the pavement. Walk on the left or the right so that people can get past."


    16. "Don't ask people when they are having kids. Not everyone wants children. Some people have a hard time conceiving. Some people can't get pregnant at all. Some people might've lost a pregnancy. It's none of your business."


    17. Finally: "When someone's talking, don't spend the entire time formulating a response and waiting for them to shut up so you can talk. Listen!"


    Are there any more rules we are missing? Drop them in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity