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    17 Truly Bizarre Screenshots From Mommy Facebook Groups That Made Me Do A Double Take

    "If you don't know what chem trails are, it's just hard for me to engage."

    1. This revolting remedy:

    "A garlic clove with some cuts in it and a string tied around it."

    2. This carpet police:

    Screenshot of a Facebook post

    3. This poo problem:

    "Can anyone relate? Stop this madness? Does anyone else's husband do this?"

    4. This cruel and completely untrue graphic:

    A graphic comparing breastfeeding moms to formula feeding moms

    5. This awful (and illegal) advice:

    6. This person who asked one of the most disturbing questions I've ever seen:

    "would you force your partner to get rid of the children they had before the new baby was born"

    7. This paranoid parent:

    "Parents please be aware and let me know so I can bring it up to the school board if necessary."

    8. This person who uses urine as medicine, but draws the line at actual medicine:

    9. This person in need of medical attention:

    "I decided to take a look just now and I'm torn basically to my anus. Do I need stitches?"

    10. This toddler whose palate is now "ruined":

    "I mean look clearly to me it is a big deal so please"

    11. This person who wants to give birth in a public park:

    "Planning our sons first birth at City Park this summer"

    12. This believer in signs:

    "You believe in these oddball signs for yourself?"

    13. This petty parent:

    "If any one has a day care of just needs some toys for their little one please reach out to me..."

    14. This person who will only befriend people who are well-versed in chem trails:

    "if you don't know what chem trails are its just hard for me to engage"

    15. This incredibly questionable parenting:

    "The way my 2 year old takes my beer can and sprints off chugging would make most y'all shit ya pants"

    16. This parent with really unusual priorities:

    "My boyfriend ask me if all the time if I cheated with the michilin man."

    17. Finally, this parent who complained about 11 hours of sleep:

    "I'm not a morning person lol."

    H/T: r/ShitMomGroupsSay