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    27 People Who Committed Some Unforgivable Food Crimes

    I'm not actually hungry. Thanks though!

    1. This metallic meal:

    2. These eerie eggs:

    3. This blackened bacon:

    4. This loathsome loaf:

    5. This questionable cake:

    6. This French toast failure:

    7. This mac attack:

    8. This meal that puts the "ick" in "chicken":

    9. This crispy cookie:

    10. This haunting Steve Harvey cake:

    11. These raw rolls:

    12. This charred treat:

    13. This upsetting combo:

    14. This well-done loaf:

    15. These burnt buttholes:

    16. These ghostly white wieners:

    17. These blackened bits:

    18. This rough roast:

    19. This pizza from hell:

    20. This crumbling calzone:

    21. This meal that couldn't be saved:

    22. This problematic pie:

    23. This soggy cake:

    24. This colossal cookie:

    25. This milky mess:

    26. These pizzas with an extra-crispy crust:

    27. Finally, this freaky flapjack:

    As always, thank you r/shittyfoodporn for all the laughs!