The "Gossip Girl" Reboot Just Dropped, And Twitter Already Has A Lot To Say

    Bring on the drama.

    The Gossip Girl reboot just dropped on HBO Max!!!

    And, unsurprisingly, Twitter is already filled with some hilarious and passionate reactions to the show. Here are some that caught my eye:

    Warning: Spoilers ahead!


    me watching me watching gossip girl gossip girl original reboot (2007) (2021) #GossipGirl

    Twitter: @retroscinema


    How I felt hearing Kristen Bell narrate on Gossip Girl again

    Twitter: @kingkongkaran9


    me watching the Gossip Girl reboot #GossipGirl

    Twitter: @Cloud9ineDreams


    The teachers after a 16 yr old calls their outfit ass #GossipGirl

    Twitter: @walkerfIds


    These teachers grown as hell spying on students and creating drama #GossipGirl

    Twitter: @ViivaLaRiita


    Twitter: @jacqueoupei


    Akin in the first episode of gossip girl reboot

    Twitter: @FILMDILFS


    naur but overall, the first episode of the gossip girl reboot ate down… they’re giving us sibling rivalry, hot polyamorous relationships, FASHION, and bitchyness, i know thats right! #GossipGirl

    Twitter: @haydenxiv


    They are GROWN creating a blog about teenagers #GossipGirl

    Twitter: @Meltborne


    a Nate Archibald name drop 5 mins in……… class of ‘09……. #GossipGirl

    Twitter: @yeetbeete


    the teachers are losers i’m sorry. out here taking photos of a freshman and bullying students #GossipGirl

    Twitter: @Zaymani27


    I’m impressed by the gossip girl reboot but these teachers really think they can top the king who ate the rich up, no. #GossipGirl

    Cw Network/Kobal/Shutterstock / Twitter: @katiefilm_


    now why are these 35+ year old teachers allowing 16 year olds to intimidate them like this #GossipGirl

    Twitter: @KAYAUG0


    #GossipGirl the new supreme of teen shows. every other teen show should be scared, shook, panicking‼️ one episode in and the show already devouring!

    Twitter: @koryverse


    based off of episode 1 #gossipgirl is definitely going to be deemed one of the best teen shows of our generation. the characters, setting, and atmosphere blend in a way that perfectly sets up room for a story that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. Cant wait to see more. xoxo

    Twitter: @korysmonet


    Luna La and Monet de Haan the whole first episode of the gossip girl reboot 😭 #GossipGirl

    Twitter: @_baecathy


    Monet seeing someone wear a headband #GossipGirl

    Twitter: @lunetsupremacy

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