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    16 Customer Horror Stories That'll 100% Convince You The Customer Is NOT Always Right

    "She threw the turkey carcass at me."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community who have worked in retail or customer service to share their wildest and worst interactions with customers. Here are the infuriating results:

    1. "I worked at a bakery in a high-end local grocery store. A mother and daughter came in and each ordered a slice of cake. The younger daughter politely thanked me as I handed her her slice of cake. The mother immediately interjected, 'Oh, you don’t say thank you to people like her. It’s their job to get us what we want.'"

    Shocked David Rose sitting up
    Pop TV

    2. "I had a woman throw a freshly made hot latte all over me because she didn’t want a lid and I told her I legally had to give her one to prevent spill-related trips and slips. She took the lid off and threw it all over me. It was hot milk, so it burned. I whipped my apron and shirt off straight in front of her and began running to the back for cold water to cool the burn down and she was shouting at me to stop, come back, and make her a new drink."

    Annie Edison screaming in rage

    —Steph Stone, Facebook

    3. "My husband (chef) got screamed at by a customer because she had requested organic chicken. The kicker? She was pissed when she got it and found out it wasn't vegan. Her argument was that all organic chicken is vegan. My husband kicked her out of the restaurant."

    J Lo shrugging in disbelief

    —Georgia Johansen, Facebook

    4. "I had a woman ask for her money back because we had given her the wrong ice cream flavor the day before. I asked why she didn't tell us it was wrong yesterday, and she said that she had already walked too far away from the store."

    Woman hiding her face in her hands

    5. "A lady had a huge, sniveling tantrum because we didn’t have the brand of butter she wanted. Her date looked absolutely humiliated."


    —Jessie Nicole Galiher, Facebook

    6. "I worked at a clothing store, and one time a woman came in and requested to buy the cash register. Obviously I informed her that we didn't sell things like that, so she STORMED into the managers office and screeched like a hawk at him. She was asked to leave, then attempted to rip out the register, wires and all."

    Angry store employee

    7. "I worked in the home department of a big box store. It was probably my first or second day there when I was called to the customer service desk. An older gentleman was trying to return an obviously used pillow. I told him that we couldn’t accept his return because it had been used. He asked for the manager, who also said we wouldn’t accept the return, so he threw the pillow at the lady working the customer service desk."

    Tituss Burgress recoiling in shock

    —Michelle Beuchert Johnson, Facebook

    8. "This woman demanded to speak to my manager, stating that I had stolen her credit card. Her card was a very distinct color, and I clearly remembered handing it back to her. She wouldn’t budge. My manager reviewed the cameras and assured the lady I had returned her card. This woman started demanding to see the videos because she insisted we were all thieves. We asked her to recheck her purse and wallet, and she found it in the wrong pocket of her purse. No apology from her!"

    Annoyed Nicole Byer, sitting back with widened eyes

    —Michelle Estes, Facebook

    9. "I had a man literally hurl the end of his bacon and cheese baguette at me because it was 'burned and inedible.' He'd somehow managed to eat all but the last little bit."

    Jake Peralta screeching

    —Fran Smartt, Facebook

    10. "One time, while working at the concessions stand of a movie theater, I had a man scream in my face that the soft pretzel I served him was 'raw.'"

    Shocked Ilana Wexler
    Comedy Central

    11. "I was impressed with a woman who tried to return an old TV. She managed to keep her receipt from the '90s in pristine condition, but she was trying to return it in 2012. She wanted my manager, who was actually very confused as to why the lady thought we would return something that stopped being made. Needless to say, she was pissed!"

    Larry David making an annoyed face

    —Melissa Nordmeyer, Facebook

    12. "We closed early on Christmas Eve. A guy showed up at the door asking if he could come in. We told him we closed early for the holiday and already counted the tills, so we couldn’t ring him up. He asked if I could give him a dress shirt and he could come back to pay the next day. I told him we could not do that. He then commented, 'What kind of shirts are you selling that are so precious?'"

    Distraught Fred Armisen

    —Jackie C., Facebook

    13. "Someone emailed my coffee shop saying he was never going to come back because we were listening to classic rock when we used to play 'good music, like indie pop.'"

    Fleabag cringing
    Amazon Prime

    —Melissa Sauer Locy, Facebook

    14. "My mum worked retail. She had a woman who wanted to return a shoe — one shoe. She didn't think it was as blue as the other shoe and wanted to exchange it for another one. The problem was that she had bought the shoes about five years prior and they were no longer carrying that style. The woman went berserk."

    Shocked Donna Meagle

    —Bridgette Clune, Facebook

    15. "There was this guy who wanted a refund on an anchor that had broken off of his rope and into a lake. My manager and I both said no. He kept demanding we go dive for it if we really wanted proof."

    Frustrated Rosa Diaz

    —Melissa Nordmeyer, Facebook

    16. Finally: "I worked the customer service desk at Asda. One year, on Boxing Day, a lady came in with the carcass of her Christmas turkey and demanded a refund because the turkey was too dry. I politely explained that I couldn't refund her for that and she threw the turkey carcass at me."

    Screaming Spencer Shay

    —Eilidh MacLeod, Facebook

    What's your customer horror story? Drop it in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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