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22 Random Things That Radiate Pure Dad Energy

Cargo shorts for life.

1. Cellphone holsters.

Cellphone holster attached to someone'e jeans
Woodygraphs / Getty Images/iStockphoto

You have pockets RIGHT there!

2. A farmer's tan.

Person revealing a tan line left from their t-shirt sleeve
Johnnygreig / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Honorable mention: a sunglass tan.

3. Blue plaid.

George Lopez posing in a blue plaid shirt
ABC / Everett Collection

It's the uniform of dad.

4. New Balance sneakers.

White new balance sneaker
New Balance / Via

Dad's freshest kicks.

5. Crew socks.

White crew socks
Hanes / Via

Preferably from Hanes.

6. Travel mugs.

Prtable coffee mug
Stuartduncansmith / Getty Images

"I didn't need to drink coffee until you were born!" Haha, good one, Dad.

7. Mulch.

Robin Gentry / Getty Images/EyeEm

They are drawn to bags of mulch like a moth to a flame.

8. Visors.

A pink visor hat
Praethip / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Bonus points if it has a logo on the front.

9. Cargo shorts.

Nakphotos / Getty Images/iStockphoto

All those pockets and they still insist on wearing their phones clipped to their belts.

10. Snoring.

Man sitting on the couch sleeping and snoring
Bob Thomas / Getty Images

Anybody can snore, but nobody snores quite as loud as a dad.

11. Recliners.

Praethip / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Because dads need a place to snore where the whole house can hear.

12. iPads.

Ty Burrell holding an iPad with excitement
ABC / Everett Collection

They love to feel tech savvy.

13. Oakley sunglasses.

Pair of sunglasses
Oakley / Via

Dad couture.

14. Golden retrievers.

A golden retriever
Holger Leue / Getty Images

Ultimate dad dog.

15. Sandals with socks.

Adrian Teoh / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Incoming sock tan!

16. Cruises.

Cruise ship sailing across the water
David Sacks / Getty Images

They love buffets and staring at the ocean.

17. Binoculars.

Man looking through binoculars
Ryan Mcvay / Getty Images

Dads like to be aware of their surroundings.

18. Rearview mirrors.

Hand adjusting a rearview mirror
Photoalto / Getty Images/PhotoAlto

Why must they adjust it 100 times?

19. Loose change.

Pile of loose change
John Scott / Getty Images

Why do dads always have at least three crusty pennies with them at all times?

20. Henley shirts with three buttons.

Ray Barone in the kitchen with his young daughter
CBS / Everett Collection

They have the same shirt in gray, blue, white, and maybe green.

21. Fleece pullovers.

Stack of fleece shirts
Hemera Technologies / Getty Images

Who needs athleisure when you have dadleisure?

22. Finally: Scrabble.

Board game Scrabble
Hasbro / Via

They want to play so bad, but then get mad when you call them out for trying to use fake words. SMH.

What else do you associate with "dad" culture? Drop it in the comments below!

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