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    "The Ultimatum" May Have Ended, But The Show's Messiness Is Still Alive And Well On Twitter — Here's How Fans Are Reacting

    M E S S Y.

    If you haven't heard, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is Netflix's newest and messiest reality TV show. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the show puts couples through a wild social experiment that for some, ends in a proposal, and for others, ends in heartbreak.

    The finale episode AND the reunion episodes just dropped on Netflix, and all I can say is WOW!!!!! I have mixed feelings about a looot of it, and so did Twitter. Here are some of the wildest fan reactions to the season's ending:



    Twitter: @Ri_Kayyy


    Me watching the ultimatum finale and reunion show right now

    Twitter: @_c00per_p00per_ / Via ABC


    I’m sorry but didn’t Jake from the ultimatum just say he WASNT going to run off with Rae to April and then IMMEDIATELY did so?!?! Like huh?? #TheUltimatium

    Twitter: @katie_meaux0213


    The ultimatum on Netflix is literally evil like this man really said I'm sorry but I'm not ready to marry you and then immediately asked another girl to travel the world with him????!

    Twitter: @julesnotjewel


    #jake from The #ultimatum really had me like.😮 #TheUltimatum #april #rae #theultimatiumnetflix

    Twitter: @SimoneFaure / Via Netflix


    Jake telling April that he and Rae are not about to run off together, that’s not what’s going to happen. The plane tickets in his pocket: #theultimatumnetflix #theultimatum

    Twitter: @lissa_j13


    #TheUltimatium #UltimatumNetflix jake to april: “i’m not going to run off with rae” literally 5 minutes later: jake to rae: “wanna travel the world with me, rae?”

    Twitter: @ovaryeact


    If I ever see Rae or Jake in public it’s on sight. Rae’s apology in the reunion seemed like total bs. I swear. The Ultimatum reunion has got me incredibly heated.

    Twitter: @Linkydinky00


    I just know Jake’s mom is at home rn Pissed that Jake chose Rae 💀 #UltimatumNetflix #TheUltimatum

    Twitter: @meredithgreypo / Via CBS


    Watching The Ultimatum first thing in the morning feels like eating ribs for breakfast

    Twitter: @sailrplut0


    Who using olive oil for lube 😳😩😐😤#theultimatumReunion #TheUltimatum #theultimatumnetflix

    Twitter: @iamShawn8810


    Me watching The Ultimatum and pausing Netflix every five seconds so I can take a lap around my apartment to run away from the second hand embarrassment

    Twitter: @kepha_k0


    When Madlyn said yes to the proposal. #TheUltimatium #theultimatumnetflix

    Twitter: @itsteeshaaaa


    Soooooo they’re married now? Help! What is happening? #TheUltimatium #theultimatumnetflix #theultimatumfinale

    Twitter: @MobosinuolaOOAR


    Colby married Madlyn on the spot so she had zero time to back out of the engagement….💀💀 #UltimatumNetflix #TheUltimatum

    Twitter: @meredithgreypo / Via CBS


    Me when Colby and Madlyn stepped out on the reunion episode: #UltimatumNetflix #TheUltimatum

    Twitter: @meredithgreypo / Via Fox


    the ultimatum on Netflix, just pissed me off. Cause how are Madelyn and COLBY the strongest couple? How did we go from what we saw on episode 8 to the reunion,like everything just magically sunshine and rainbows now.

    Twitter: @MOUNAYANSANE1


    The biggest plot twist of The Ultimatum on Netflix is Colby and Madlyn coming out of it the strongest couple like ???

    Twitter: @Bree_Forsythe2


    watching the ultimatum on netflix why is colby gaslighting me rn

    Twitter: @mskore_


    Jake said it’s been 6mo since the show ended but Madlyn is 7mo pregnant so … #TheUltimatum #theultimatumnetflix #theultimatumReunion

    Twitter: @Sovereign_Veil


    wait so madlyn’s pregnant, rae came out, april got her dream man, shannique and randall found each other again and everybody still hates nate 😭 bro i love the ultimatum this show left me speechless

    Twitter: @WIZKAELIFA / Via Disney


    The Ultimatum is literally just the gaslight Olympics, this reunion is so awkward

    Twitter: @1andonly_toni


    me sleeping peacefully knowing i would never be on The Ultimatum bc i don’t care enough about marriage to ever let this happen to me

    Twitter: @drdre_olson


    Randell: “I had to google which hand to put it on” #UltimatumNetflix #TheUltimatum

    Twitter: @meredithgreypo / Via Cartoon Network


    Me watching the last episode of The Ultimatum

    Twitter: @StephKayyy_


    Me sleeping peacefully knowing Rae and Jake ain’t together after the Ultimatum reunion

    Twitter: @Styllish__


    Watching the couples on The Ultimatum and thinking this on their behalf

    Twitter: @annaejohnson / Via Comedy Central


    I’m SCREAMING Alexis and Hunter are sooooo shady. #TheUltimatum #theultimatumnetflix #theultimatumReunion

    Twitter: @AquanxD / Via Netflix


    this ultimatum show is pissing me off

    Twitter: @iamoliviag0ld


    I’m sorry but the Ultimatum reunion is proof that those two have still not come to an agreement on the baby issue. Lauren’s comprise for a baby seems rather forced. Lord, release my good sis from the shackles of Nate. Because what is this?

    Twitter: @YaaOfficial00


    Me throughout these last 2 episodes #ultimatum #ultimatenetflix #ultimatumfinale

    Twitter: @lliiiisssaa / Via NBC

    Give me Season 2 NOW!!!!!