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    18 Questionable Textbooks That Made Me Say, "I'm Sorry, Have You Met A Woman Before?"

    "This is an age when many women flatter men by striving to imitate them."

    Disclaimer: I know many of these texts are dated or include outdated ideas to outline the history of research, but like, come onnnn. Also, these texts include outdated and inaccurate assumptions about sex and gender. Go figure!

    1. This view that sheds light on those evil, evil women:

    2. This Freudian nightmare:

    passage from a book

    3. This passage that got horny for literally no reason:

    4. This text that gave me the *urge* to vomit:

    5. This passage that might as well say, "Shut up women, you're fine!":

    highlighted text

    6. This passage that talks all about our antsy uteruses:

    highlighted text

    7. This conversation that is super normal and not at all weird:

    8. This monstrous example that made me internally scream:

    9. This book that's full of bosoms:

    text from a book

    10. This passage that tried and failed to get to the bottom of my fears:

    11. This passage that NEEDS to STFU:

    12. These fascinating mating strategies:

    13. This diagram that made me die inside:

    14. This...whatever this stupid shit is:

    15. This intro that feels entirely unnecessary:

    16. This passage about women's anger that made me, a woman, pretty angry:

    text from a book

    17. This chart that made me roll my eyes and groan:

    columns from an online textbook outlining men and women

    18. Finally, these helpful tips for flirting that I am totally going to take seriously:

    Welp, r/menwritingwomen and r/NotHowGirlsWork continue to leave me speechless.

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