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    I Just Want To Talk To Whoever Designed These 17 Absolute Nightmarish Kitchens

    Maybe, just maybe, a toilet shouldn't be in the kitchen.

    1. This kitchen counter that's also part of a staircase:

    staircase leading down to the kitchen counter

    2. This kitchen that looks like a bunch of couch cushions:

    soft tufted kitchen cabinets

    3. This kitchen tile that looks like it's covered in mold:

    dark spots covering the tile

    4. This kitchen-bathroom hybrid:

    tiny shower and toilet put into the small kitchen

    5. This kitchen with a drawer that turns on the gas stove when it fully opens:

    kitchen drawer that hits the oven

    6. This drawer that requires a step ladder to use:

    sliding drawer at the very top of the tall cabinet set

    7. This dishwasher that's actually impossible to use:

    dishwasher in a corner that has a tiny opening between the sink and the rest of the counter space that you can't get into

    8. This tripping-hazard kitchen:

    three steps leading up into the kitchen

    9. This teeeeny tiny kitchenette:

    a tiny sink and stove top underneath two cabinets to complete the entire kitchen

    10. This kitchen with an outlet in a very creative place:

    outlet right behind the kitchen faucet

    11. This kitchen with impractical corner cabinets:

    corner cabinet not able to open because another cabinet in perpendicular to it

    12. This kitchen that's sliced down the middle by a support beam:

    a large slanted bean in the middle of the kitchen, cutting into the counter space

    13. This cozy kitchen:

    small tight-spaced kitchen with hardly any standing room

    14. This carpeted kitchen:

    carpet in the kitchen

    15. This kitchen with a super useful drawer:

    drawer opens right underneath a countertop so you can't actually use it

    16. This kitchen with a cabinet that can only open a few inches:

    cabinet door being stopped by the stairs next to it

    17. Finally, this kitchen with its very own shower:

    standing shower right next to the kitchen

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