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Wedding Planners, Tell Us The Most Disastrous Thing You've Ever Had To Deal With While On The Job

Oh dear...

A person's wedding day is a memorable and special occasion. Though people often hope for their "big day" to be as seamless as possible, no amount of planning can completely eliminate the possibility for "hiccups" along the way.

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Perhaps you were a wedding planner for a young couple who seemed very excited to get married. One day, the fiancé showed up at your office with an envelope of cash and tried to bribe you into purposefully planning a terrible ceremony that matched none of the bride-to-be's requests. You asked why he would do such a thing and he responded that he was hoping to get his fiancé to call off the wedding so he didn't have to.

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Or perhaps you decided to save money and plan your own wedding. You couldn't afford any of the popular bands or DJs for the reception so you settled on hiring your partner's nephew and his band. Then, at the reception, the nephew and his band started playing songs no one had ever heard. You pulled the nephew aside and asked what happened to the set list you'd agreed on, and he said that he and his band decided to play all original music instead.

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Maybe you were hired to plan a wedding for a guy you knew in high school. You spent the day helping him and his fiancé pick out flower arrangements, food options, and other important touches, and you felt like they were handling all of the stress well. Then, that night, the guy texted you a long paragraph about how he always had a crush on you in school and how he wished it was you he was marrying.

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Or maybe you planned your own outdoor wedding and forgot to have a solid backup plan in case of bad weather. The day of the ceremony, a huge thunderstorm hit so you ended up getting married inside your garage with your guests crammed between your gardening equipment.

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Have you ever planned a wedding that went way wrong? What happened? I want all the juicy details! Share your story in the comments below. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!