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Tell Us About The Creepiest Recurring Dream You Have

Sweet dreams...

Dreams are such a fascinating phenomenon! Our brain literally makes up stories while we sleep, and the stories are seldom that mundane! In your dream, you may go from flying across the ocean to sitting naked in your old college lecture hall. It's truly wild.

A woman sleeping with the sunlight on her

Even wilder, many people experience recurring dreams, or some people experience strange patterns that carry over throughout their dreams. In a perfect world, all these recurring dreams and themes would be happy and light, but unfortunately, they're often dark, creepy, or just plain unsettling.

A woman sleeping

Perhaps you have this recurring dream where you're trapped in an abandoned building and can't find any way out. You can hear distant footsteps and voices, and you run down the halls trying to find an open door or window to escape through. You tug and tug on a locked door, but before you can yank it open and run out, you wake up.

A creepy, abandoned hallway

Maybe you frequently dream about situations where you can't breathe. Sometimes you're underwater, sometimes you're high up on a mountain where the air is thin, and other times a mysterious figure has a hand over your mouth. You often wake up gasping for air, and it really freaks you out.

Underwater with the sun shining through the surface

Or, perhaps there's this strange older man who you often see in your dreams. He never speaks, and you seldom interact at all, but he frequently makes an appearance in your dreams and lingers in the background. Whether you're dreaming about rushing through airport security so you don't miss your flight, or forgetting all your lines while performing in a play, the old man is always watching.

A man with a hood over his head and holding a staff

What's the creepiest recurring dream you have? Tell us in the comments or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community article.