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What's The Worst Experience You've Ever Had With A Landlord?


Let's just say most landlords have a less-than-shiny reputation. Though some people get lucky and hit the jackpot with a caring, helpful landlord, others are muchhh less fortunate.

person holding out a small bag labeled "rent" next to a model of a house
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Perhaps you received a message from your landlord telling you NOT to cook in your kitchen, and to think of it more as a "dining" area...WTF.

Message from a landlord; don't cook meals in the kitchen

Twitter: @FensterDJ

Or maybe you moved into an apartment with a broken toilet and spent months begging your landlord to fix it. Maintenance finally came to replace it, then realized the wrong type of toilet had been purchased. They got the superintendent's measurements and went to get another one, and realized those measurements were wrong too, so they reinstalled the broken one and ghosted you.

a toilet in a bathroom
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Or perhaps your landlord started showing up to your apartment unannounced and barging in. You kindly asked them to stop, and they bullied and berated you until you felt unsafe in your own space.

stressed woman and a mean landlord
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What kind of crap has your landlord pulled or tried to pull on you? Feel free to share stories or screenshots of messages! And if you'd rather share a story anonymously, you can use this form. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.