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What's Your Job And How Much Does It Pay?

Like ABBA said: "Money, money, money..."

Let's talk about pay transparency real quick. This June, New York State Legislature passed a Senate bill requiring employers to include a salary range and position description for each job they advertise.

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To be honest, it shocks me that this isn't standard practice everywhere. But, conversations are shifting, and pay transparency is becoming a much bigger topic. Now, more than ever, people need to be talking about money.

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Just recently, a woman went viral on TikTok for sharing a detailed breakdown of how much money she makes a year as a stripper. People were really intrigued by her studious record keeping and her honesty about her financial situation.

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It made me realize that I have a very limited understanding of what various professions can (and do) pay their employees. I know I have friends in software developing careers making over $100K a year. I know that the average salary for teachers in my home state of North Carolina is $54K. I know I'm making a little under $60K a year living and working in New York City. I know the federal minimum wage hasn't risen since 2009 (though cost of living has), and it remains at $7.25 an hour.

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So, I am genuinely curious what jobs people are working and how much they are making. If you're willing to share, please tell me your job title, a little bit about what you do, and how much you're paid. You can share in the comments, but please feel free to submit anonymously using this form. I will be compiling responses for a BuzzFeed Community post. Thank you.