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Have You Ever Had A Christmas Gift Go Wrong?

It's the thought that counts...

The holidays are upon us, so yes, the mad dash to buy gifts has begun for many people!!

a couple taking presents out from the back of their car

Giving and receiving gifts can be really exciting and heart-warming. But, some gift exchanges can be awkward, or straight-up disasters!

people exchanging gifts from across the table

Perhaps you had a private, adult gift to give your wife, and tried to strategically hide it in your closet so it wouldn't be opened in front of the whole family. Your wife mistook the wrapped gift for one she set aside for her mom. So, while the family was around the tree opening gifts on Christmas morning, you witnessed your mother-in-law open up the handcuffs you'd gotten your wife.

fuzzy handcuffs

Or, maybe you did a secret Santa gift exchange with some coworkers and happened to draw the name of the person you know the least. You got them a cute coffee mug and a Starbucks card, and when they opened it up, they loudly proclaimed "I don't even drink coffee!" which made you feel really awkward.

a big x over a cup of coffee

Or, perhaps your grandma told you she was tired of you being single and wanted to see you "try harder," so she bought you a set of bras and some truly hideous shirts.

a plain bra

What's your biggest Christmas gift fail? Tell us in the comments or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.