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When Did You Realize You'd Met "The One"?

When you know, you know.

When you find that special someone, there's a moment where you just know that they're different from everyone else you've ever met.

Screenshots from "Schitt's Creek"

Maybe you had this epiphany after a first date, or maybe it took months, or even years.

Screenshot from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Regardless of when or how it happens, somewhere along the way, there's a moment where everything clicks into place. You've met the person you want to be with forever.

Screenshot from "Parks and Recreation"

Maybe you realized your partner was "the one" when you were happy to do a couples' costume with them for Halloween, an activity you would've previously laughed at and refused.

Screenshot from "The Office"

Or, perhaps you decided your partner was someone you could be with forever after the two of you got a bad case of food poisoning and spent a miserable weekend fighting over the bathroom together. When you realized you'd rather be with them than alone, even while feeling your most disgusting and most vulnerable, you thought, "Okay, this one's different."

Rob Lowe looking sick

Or, maybe you weren't sure until after you took a break and spent some time apart. You missed them so deeply that you knew you didn't want to be apart from them ever again.

Screenshot from "That '90s Show"

When did you realize your partner was "the one"? Tell us your story in the comments or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.