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What's A Super-Popular TV Show Or Movie That You Really Can't Stand?

Everybody's a critic.

Though everyone has their own interests and tastes, some TV shows and movies become so well-loved and popular that it seems as though everyone is a fan.

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But even with the most beloved TV shows and movies, there are skeptics who just don't buy into all the hype.

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Maybe all your friends are die-hard fans of The Office, but you think Michael Scott is a toxic and terrible character, you hate Jim and Pam's relationship, and you think the whole premise is boring and unfunny.

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Perhaps you are so tired of going on dates with guys who ramble on and on about how Pulp Fiction is the greatest movie ever made because you personally find it confusing, uninteresting, and insufferable.

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Or perhaps you really gave Grey's Anatomy a try, but you couldn't stand Meredith's character, nor could you stomach the idea of watching 17 seasons of such over-the-top drama.

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Tell us which TV shows or movies you think are way overrated and why! The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.