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Tell Us The Weirdest Or Wildest Thing You've Ever Witnessed At A Family Reunion

Grandma did WHAT?!

Let's face it — all families are weird in their own special way.

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And, when everyone gathers together, there's no end to the weirdness and chaos that can ensue.

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Maybe your extended family went on a beach trip together and had dinner at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. Within hours of this family feast, everyone's bowels began violently erupting. There were not enough bathrooms for everyone, so you, your cousin, and your aunt all had to run onto the beach and relieve yourselves there.

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Perhaps your family had their yearly reunion cookout at your grandparent's house. Lots of wine was consumed, and your drunk aunt Sue loudly proclaimed that she cheated on her husband with his brother at last year's cookout.

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Or perhaps your whole family gathered for a long weekend at the lake. After dinner, your uncle brought everyone into the living room and said he had a surprise. He then proceeded to pull out a giant puppet and do a 30-minute ventriloquist routine with it.

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Or maybe the entire family gathered together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Sometime during all of the cooking, your grandma and her sister got into a screaming match over whose cooking was better. The fight didn't end until your grandma chucked a handful of mashed potatoes at her sister.

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Or maybe your family's reunion drama was nothing like those examples but totally unforgettable in its own way! Whatever it is, we want to hear it! Share your story in the comments and it could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.