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What's The Most Entitled Thing You've Ever Seen A Tourist Do?

Ugh, tourists.

When you hear the word "tourist," chances are you roll your eyes and recoil a little. Why is that? Well, despite plenty of tourists being respectful travelers, there are manyyy rude, entitled, arrogant tourists out there that give the term such an icky connotation.

Perhaps you were on a romantic getaway with your partner sipping wines across Tuscany. You ended up on a vineyard tour that was supposed to be adult-only, but a couple brought their small, noisy children along. While you tried to enjoy the tour and take in the views, you kept getting distracted by the children screaming and running up and down the lanes of grapes. You watched the parents laugh and egg on their kids as they tugged at the vines and pulled off grapes to throw at each other. You couldn't believe their carelessness.

Or maybe you work in a popular museum or heritage site and constantly deal with rowdy tour groups and unruly school groups. Nearly every day you have to ask people not to touch artifacts or climb behind exhibit ropes. The worst was the time a family put their kid inside of an exhibit of antiques to take pictures. They ended up damaging an artifact, but yelled at you for kicking them out.

Or perhaps you're a tour guide in a city where lots of tourists take trips. You've had visitors cut you in line, throw trash on the ground at historical landmarks, try to damage monuments, scream in your face, and even threaten you.

Whether you're a local living in a popular tourist destination, a tour guide, or a traveler who happened to witness another tourist go rogue, we want to hear your story! Tell us about the most entitled tourist you've ever witnessed. What did they do? How did others react? Share your story in the comments below, or submit anonymously using this form. The best stories will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.