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What Are Some Green Flags You've Noticed On People's Dating Profiles?

Like a breath of fresh air.

We're all too familiar with the traditional red flags to look out for when swiping on dating apps.

But, I think it's time we also address the green flags that people notice on profiles.

Maybe you find it really refreshing when someone includes pictures of their dog on their profile — bonus points if it's a rescue pup!

Or perhaps you think it's a good sign when someone includes pictures with their friends and family on their profile, rather than just a handful of selfies.

Or maybe it's a total green flag when their bio includes a few fun facts about them, rather than just their Snapchat and Instagram handles.

What are some green flags you look for while swiping through dating apps? Tell us in the comments! The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.