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What Are Some Green Flags You've Noticed On People's Dating Profiles?

Like a breath of fresh air.

We're all too familiar with the traditional red flags to look out for when swiping on dating apps.

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But, I think it's time we also address the green flags that people notice on profiles.

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Maybe you find it really refreshing when someone includes pictures of their dog on their profile — bonus points if it's a rescue pup!

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Or perhaps you think it's a good sign when someone includes pictures with their friends and family on their profile, rather than just a handful of selfies.

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Or maybe it's a total green flag when their bio includes a few fun facts about them, rather than just their Snapchat and Instagram handles.

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What are some green flags you look for while swiping through dating apps? Tell us in the comments! The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.