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Teachers, What's The Most Unhinged Thing A Student's Parent Has Ever Dared Say To You?

Oh my WORD.

It's no secret that teachers have incredibly difficult jobs. In addition to dealing with students of all ages, teachers also get to deal with parents. Oh boy.

desk with books and an apple on top of it

Though many parents are supportive, generous, and kind, there are also certain parents who can be overbearing, rude, and just plain unpleasant.

Perhaps you were having a holiday party for your students, and a few parents came to help out. While you were setting up, one of the moms cornered you to ask if you were single. You nervously replied that you were, so she then spent the rest of the afternoon talking up her cousin and showing you his Facebook profile. When you politely told her you weren't interested, she said, "Do you really think you could do any better?"

Maybe you scheduled a parent-teacher conference to discuss one of your students' behavior. You told the parents that you were having a hard time getting their son to focus in class, to which they replied, "Maybe you're just a boring-ass teacher." Your jaw hit the floor.

Or perhaps you gave a student detention for being disruptive, and when their dad came to pick them up, he started screaming at you for being an unfair teacher, then threatened to find your address and egg your house.

Teachers, what's the most absurd thing a parent has ever said to you? We're dying to hear your stories! Feel free to tell us in the comments or anonymously submit to this form. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.