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Teachers, We Want To Know The Funniest Thing A Student Has Ever Said Or Done


Being a teacher can be a very difficult and overwhelming job. Between the early mornings lesson-planning and the late nights grading, some days, teachers just need a laugh.

Let's face it — whether they know it or not, kids can be freaking hilarious. Since teachers get to be around so many unique kids of all ages, there's no doubt they've heard and seen some truly comedic things.

Maybe you were reading a book about cars to your preschool class. When you went, "Toot, toot!" to mimic the sound of a horn, one of your students loudly proclaimed, "I toot in my pants all the time!"

Perhaps you were grading tests, and one student didn't know the answer to one of the questions, so they wrote out all of the lyrics to "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley on their paper instead.

Or maybe it was spirit week and the quiet kid from your third period class showed up to school dressed as Guy Fieri — frosted tips, flaming shirt, goatee, and all!

Teachers, what has a student said or done that made you laugh? We want to hear all your stories! Share with us in the comments below. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!