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If You've Ever Broken Up With Someone For A Petty Reason And Later Regretted It, We Want To Hear Your Story


Look, breakups happen. Unless you end up marrying the person you're dating, breakups are pretty much inevitable. They're just an unfortunate reality of dating.

But that doesn't mean all breakups are created equally. Noooo way. Some breakups happen organically; others go down in flames. Some, on the other hand, happen for the stupidest of reasons.

Perhaps you were a few weeks into dating someone new. You'd been out for dinner and drinks a few times, but you finally decided to see a movie together. As soon as the movie started, your date leaned over to ask you a question. You whispered an answer, then got back to watching the movie. Then, a couple minutes later, they asked another question. You were a little annoyed, but still whispered back. This continued throughout the entire movie, as your date seemed to think up a new question every few minutes. You were frustrated and decided you couldn't date someone who talked through movies, so you broke things off. You later regretted your hasty decision, as you had really enjoyed their company on your other dates, but the damage was done.

Or maybe you ended a relationship after a few months because you learned the person you were dating could only sleep with their TV on all night. After a few rough sleepovers, you were tired and cranky and decided you had to end things with them. You later dated someone who didn't even sleep with sheets on their bed, so you sheepishly regretted how you reacted and ended things with an otherwise nice person.

Or perhaps it was nothing your partner did, but you randomly had a dream that they cheated on you. The dream made you so mad, you ended the relationship, even though you knew it was irrational and unfair. To this day, you still feel bad about it.

What's the most absurd or ridiculous reason you've ever dumped someone? Did you later regret your decision? Tell us your story in the comments below, or submit anonymously using this form. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community article.