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    17 Snacks That Will Have You Missing Elementary School

    Now I'm hungry.

    1. Gripz

    These little guys were the epitome of "less is more."

    2. Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding Cups

    A two-pack of Hunt's vanilla pudding cups
    ConAgra Foods / Via

    I really might go to the store and get these. They're not just for children and the elderly, okay?

    3. Fruit Roll-Ups with the built-in tattoos!

    We all felt so metal with our tattooed tongues.

    4. Hi-C Juice Boxes

    Four Hi-C juice boxes on a package
    Coca-Cola / Via

    Nectar of the gods.

    5. Yogos

    Was the yogurt covering supposed to make them healthy?

    6. Gushers

    Betty Crocker / Via, Betty Crocker / Via

    Was anyone else traumatized by the commercials where everyone's heads turned into giant pieces of fruits?

    7. Teddy Grahams

    A box of honey Teddy Grahams
    Nabisco / Via

    Did you bite their heads off first or were you normal?

    8. Rice Krispies Treats

    A box of rice krispies treats
    Kellogg's / Via

    These will always be delicious.

    9. Scooby-Doo Fruit Snacks

    That blue gummy just hit different.

    10. Go-Gurt

    A box of go-gurts with Spongebob characters on them
    Yoplait / Via

    Pro tip: put them in the freezer.

    11. Little Debbie and all her deliciousness!

    This photo is giving me a stomach ache, but I'm okay with it.

    12. Fruit by the Foot

    General Mills / Via

    Were they actually three feet?

    13. Bugles

    A bag of family size bugles
    General Mills / Via

    Loved these gorgeous witch nails!

    14. Goldfish

    A tall carton of cheddar baked Goldfish
    Pepperidge Farm / Via

    These bad boys transcend time.

    15. Dunkaroos

    Give me a pack right now!

    16. Animal Crackers

    A box of Barnum's Animals animal crackers
    Nabisco Brands / Via

    "Crackers" is a bit of a stretch. They were definitely just cookies.

    17. And finally, Lunchables

    Kraft Heinz / Via, Kraft Heinz / Via

    My mom would not buy these for me.