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    People Are Sharing Situations They Find Unnecessarily Awkward, And I Couldn't Agree More

    I am UNCOMFY.

    Can we just chat for a moment about how insanely AWKWARD it is to be a human being? Like, why is existence so embarrassing?

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    I used to think I was alone in this, but then I discovered a viral Reddit thread from a few years ago that made me feel ~seen.~ Reddit user u/gabirole posed the question, "What is awkward but really shouldn't be?" and the replies were too good. Here are ones that made me cringe the hardest:

    1. "Listening to people sing you 'Happy Birthday.'"


    2. "Knocking on a bathroom door/responding to a knock when it's occupied. What do you say?!"


    3. "Walking back to your seat after your turn bowling, regardless of the outcome."


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    4. "Asking someone for money they owe you."


    5. "Leaving someone's yard sale without buying anything β€” and you were the only one there."


    6. "When you say bye to someone, then inexplicably run into them again a few minutes later."


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    7. "Pooping in public."


    8. "Walking the same speed as someone else."


    9. "Asking someone to repeat something for the third+ time."


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    10. "Asking someone where the bathroom is in their house."


    11. "When you arrange a meet-up with someone and you spot each other from far away, then have to walk towards each other, unsure if you should just stare at them or ignore them until you get within greeting range."


    12. "Opening presents in front of someone."


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    13. "Changing direction when you are walking by yourself."


    14. "Four-way stops."


    15. "Silence while getting a haircut."


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    16. "When you have to ask for the key to use a public restroom."


    17. "Asking someone if a seat close to them is taken."


    18. And: "Telling someone they have something in their teeth. Everyone would want to be told, but no one likes to do it."


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    What's something you think is unnecessarily awkward? Drop it in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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